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Hybrid Energy Container (HERC) Power System for CLEANS Project

To reduce the diesel consumption for the Gunnar camp, SRC developed the Hybrid Energy Container power system. SRC conducted extensive site monitoring of the camp to characterize the site’s load and then designed the customized hybrid system to maximize the fuel savings over the life of the remediation effort. All aspects, including battery chemistry, inverter technology, generator type and hybrid construction, were considered.

It was constructed in the spring of 2015, received certification and was then transported from Saskatoon to the Gunnar camp via truck and barge. The customized containerized power system has been integrated into a single modular container, which accommodates a generator, a battery, a photovoltaic array and an inverter system equipped with remote control and monitoring systems. This design makes the power system portable and rugged, while allowing multiple systems to be stacked to achieve higher generation and storage capacities, as well as to increase reliability through redundancy.

The hybrid energy container features: (1) 69kW peak output capacity; (2) a 60 kW diesel generator with 42 kW/259 kWh energy storage system; (3) A 20-foot modular container, climate controlled, remotely operated.

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