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Esstalion Technologies Inc. - 1.2 MW Lithium Iron Phosphate Energy Storage System

Esstalion Technologies, Inc. was established by Hydro-Québec and Sony Corporation in 2014 as a business venture to research and develop large-scale energy storage systems using lithium iron phosphate battery technology.   

Esstalion moved to test its first prototype in June 2015 - a 1.2MW battery, storing 1.2MWh of energy.  The prototype consisted of a container measuring 16.2 metres in length, containing 576 battery modules, an inverter, a transformer, and control and protection equipment. 

Testing and trials took place at Hydro-Quebec's research institute in Varennes, QC., on a 25 kV test line. 

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R&D activities are directed at the further study, analysis or development of storage and/or storage-related technologies and their operation and deployment in Canada. They are typically supported by an Initiative, and are often hosted at an academic institution.

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