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TUGLIQ Energy Co.

TUGLIQ is a specialist Independent Power Producer (IPP) focused on remote and complex energy diversification for off-grid and/or hybrid applications with solutions tailored to the mining industry and/or islanded grids. Flexible agreements ensuring CAPEX conservation for the mining client, and immediate savings over current power generation costs from diesel have been developed to cope with the low prices of commodities.
TUGLIQ offers to Northern operations, principally mining, as well as communities, infrastructures that enable energy diversification with significant economic and environmental advantages over sole-fuel diesel.


Actors include all organizations connected to one of the other energy storage activity types (i.e., Projects, Initiatives) in Canada. They may or may not be based in Canada.

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Address: 2060 De La Montagne, suite 400/500, C.P. 401, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 1Z7