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Coordinated Operation of Multiple Storage Units and Technologies

Project Leader: Reza Iravani, University of Toronto

This project develops supervisory-control and protection strategies and algorithms for (1) homogeneous storage systems (i.e., multiple nominally identical sub-units, e.g., multiple flywheel units that need to operate in unison) and (2) heterogeneous storage systems (composed of different technologies, e.g., battery and flywheel sub-units). The envisioned development serves as the interface between the up-stream utility command signals (objectives of Theme 3) and the required sub-units’ controls/operation (objectives of Projects 2.1 and 2.2), and is designed considering requirements of end users (objective of Project 1.5) to ensure optimal utilization and operation of the storage system in response to the utility requirements and the storage unit (and its interface converter) constraints.

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R&D Project

R&D activities are directed at the further study, analysis or development of storage and/or storage-related technologies and their operation and deployment in Canada. They are typically supported by an Initiative, and are often hosted at an academic institution.

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