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1.75 MW NRStor -Hydrostor Inc A-CAES Demonstration Project/ 7MWh

The IESO selected NRStor to complete a 1.75 MW CAES project in a salt cavern in Goderich, Ontario, as part of Phase II of its Grid Energy Storage Procurement iniative. NRStor has partnered with Hydrostor, Compass Minerals, and the University of Waterloo to fulfill this contract.

The technology takes electricity off the grid during times of excess by compressing air and storing the corresponding heat, and then the air and heat are released to return the electricity when needed. As part of the project, compressed air will be kept in the sealed cavern and heat generated from compressing the air will be stored in tanks. Later, when there's a need for energy, the compressed air will be heated using the stored heat and then released into a generator. The electricity created will feed into the provincial energy grid.

Goderich city council approved the project in May 2017.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - 14:41
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