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Liverpool Wind and Energy Storage Project

The Liverpool project is intended to demonstrate LightSail's Regenerative Air Energy Storage (RAES) technology and Unify's Grid-Level Advanced System Software (GLASS). The storage system will be located at ReNova Scotia Bioenergy Inc, the re-purposed site of the former Bowater Mersey Paper Mill.  The project was part of Nova Scotia's COMFIT (Community Feed-in Tariff) initiative, and received support from Innovacorp's Cleantech Fund.

The storage was to be connected to the local distribution grid and act as a buffer to the output of a 4.7 MW wind farm (turbines supplied by Watts Wind). Waste heat from a nearby industrial facility would be used to boost the efficiency of RAES. This project would have been the first wind + RAES system ever developed, as well as the first RAES system integrated with an industrial waste heat source. 

The company behind this project, Unify Energy, was the only company outside Alberta to receive funding under the Alberta Innovates "Next Generation Energy Storage Technologies" funding initiative. 

The project was expected to enter into service in Spring 2017.  The wind turbines have been installed, but the storage component was reported to be delayed in March 2017, due to financing difficulties for LightSail. By December 2017, LightSail had ceased operations. In 2018, CBC News reported that Innovacorp stood to lose $2m it had invested in the project, because of the LightSail's failure to deliver the energy storage technology it had promised. 

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