This database is no longer being updated, and is provided for historical informational purposes only.

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Manitoba Hydro International Ltd.

Manitoba Hydro International (MHI) provides innovative services and solutions to customers in the energy and telecommunication sectors around the world. As a subsidiary of a Canadian energy utility, Manitoba Hydro, MHI offers clients over a century's worth of best practice experience. Leveraging its international experience and the parent utility's methods and technologies, MHI offers customized services, sustainable results, and superior value to clients. MHI provides products and services to strengthen Manitoba businesses and the provincial economy. MHI's global work enhances the reputations of the company, Manitoba Hydro, the province, and the country, by delivering benefits locally and contributing to a better quality of life internationally.


Actors include all organizations connected to one of the other energy storage activity types (i.e., Projects, Initiatives) in Canada. They may or may not be based in Canada.

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Address: 211 Commerce Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3P 1A3