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Revelstoke "Hydro Battery" Project

"Hydro Battery" is not a battery at all, but rather a proposed pumped hydro storage facility at the Revelstoke hydroelectric powerplant dam, 120 km north of Revelstoke, British Columbia. 

Hydro Battery Inc., commissioned Knight Piesold Ltd to assess the feasibility of constructing a pumped hydro storage station near Revelstoke in 2017.  The aim of the project was to offer an alternative to the construction of the Site C dam, which would deliver the same 1,100 MW of capacity with equivalent or better characterstics.   The report was submitted to the BCUC Inquiry Respecting Site C in August 2017.  

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Projects include commercial and non-commercial (i.e., demonstration) storage installations based in Canada. They may or may not be supported by an Initiative.

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