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Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund

The ICE Fund is a Special Account, funded through a levy on certain energy sales, designed to support the Province's energy, economic, environmental and greenhouse gas reduction priorities, and to advance B.C.'s clean energy sector. 

Since 2008, the ICE Fund has committed approximately $97 million to support pre-commercial clean energy technology projects, clean energy vehicles, research and development, and energy efficiency programs.

Successful ICE Fund partnerships have included universities, First Nations, municipalities and many emerging clean tech companies across British Columbia. Technology demonstrations have included bioenergy, solar, ocean tidal, geo-exchange, desalination, energy management, smart grid and waste-to-energy.


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Initiatives are (typically government-led or supported) activities to promote or facilitate the further development and deployment of energy storage in Canada, such as public-private partnerships, or targeted R&D grants or procurement programs. They may or may not have Project connections.

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