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Alpha Technologies Ltd.

Alpha Technologies Ltd. designs, manufactures, installs and services powering solutions for the worldwide Telecom, Cable TV (Canada), Traffic, Security, Medical, Industrial, and Renewable Energy industries. The company product portfolio includes Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Backup Power Solutions, Power Rectifiers, Converters, Inverters, Indoor and Outdoor Power System Enclosures, Generators and Batteries. In addition to our products, Alpha offers customization and OEM capabilities and over 30 years customer support including comprehensive EFI (Engineering, Furnish & Install) and Training. Alpha Technologies Ltd. is a member of the Alpha Group - a global alliance of independent companies that share a common philosophy - create world-class powering solutions for communication, commercial, industrial and renewable energy markets.


Actors include all organizations connected to one of the other energy storage activity types (i.e., Projects, Initiatives) in Canada. They may or may not be based in Canada.

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Address: 7700 Riverfront Gate, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5J 5M4