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AESO Energy Storage Roadmap

In September 2018, the Alberta Electricity System Operator (AESO) published its "Dispatchable Renewables and Energy Storage" report, which called for the AESO to also develop an energy storage roadmap.   This roadmap was released in August 2019.

The roadmap is intended to outline a plan by which the AESO can facilitate the integration of energy storage in the province, by clarifying rules for market qualification; market participation; and efficient, effective connection, monitoring and control (see Report, pg 3).  The roadmap identifies a number of areas in these categories where the AESO can work to facilitate integration of energy storage. 

According to the high-level integrated plan, the roadmap will undergo refinement and consultation into mid-2020, taking place alongside entrance into service of projects currently in the connection queue, and short-term implementation of the roadmap suggestions.  Long-term implementation will begin mid-2020 and carry on past 2022. 

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Initiatives are (typically government-led or supported) activities to promote or facilitate the further development and deployment of energy storage in Canada, such as public-private partnerships, or targeted R&D grants or procurement programs. They may or may not have Project connections.

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