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Wintering Hills Battery Energy Storage Project

This project was a proposed 3MW/6.9MWh "behind the fence" lithium ion battery project to be installed at the Wintering Hills wind farm (88 MW total wind capacity), located 21 km southeast of Drumheller, Alberta.

Teck and Suncor submitted an access request to study the interconnection of this project to the Alberta Electricity System Operator (AESO) in December 2012.  The project was awarded $9.2M in funding from Emission Reductions Alberta's (formerly the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation) Renewable Energy call for proposals.

Project proponents described the objectives of this project as to:

  1. Support the integration of increased renewable energy capacity
  2. Support the reduction of GHG emissions
  3. Use pilot to test the viability of regulating reserve/arbitrage markets and the storage concept
  4. Demonstrate the benefits of fast response Regulating Reserves to reduce the cost of Ancillary Services and improve grid management
  5. Improve the utilization of renewable energy assets by storing off-peak energy

Suncor's share of Wintering Hills was sold to TransAlta in 2015.  In January 2017, Ikea Properties Ltd. purchased the Wintering Hills wind power project from Teck/TransAlta.  

According to a report submitted to CSA Registries in October 2017 by the Wintering Hills project operator, there is no electricity storage at the site, suggesting this project was never fully developed. 

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