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Reliability Modeling and Assessment of Power Systems with ES Systems

Project Leader: Rajesh Karki, University of Saskatchewan

New reliability models will be developed for battery, CAES, flywheel, and thermal ES systems. Probabilistic techniques will be developed to incorporate market scenarios and operating strategies in quantifying adequacy benefits of ES systems with large-scale renewables penetration. Value-based reliability of different ES technologies and capacity credit increments of renewables due to ES systems will be analyzed, providing invaluable investment decision information. New methodologies will be proposed to incorporate the aforementioned factors, assess the implications of operating reserve requirements and response capabilities, and quantify the impact and worth of ES systems.

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R&D Project

R&D activities are directed at the further study, analysis or development of storage and/or storage-related technologies and their operation and deployment in Canada. They are typically supported by an Initiative, and are often hosted at an academic institution.

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