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Towards federal and provincial ES policy frameworks for Canada

Project Leader: Mark Winfield, York University

(1) Assess existing legislative and policy frameworks at the federal and provincial levels as they relate to the development and use of ES technologies, particularly in support of the large-scale integration of low impact but intermittent renewables, such as wind and solar energy; and
(2) Make policy framework recommendations at the federal and provincial levels to advance the further development and deployment of ES technologies in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner for the purpose of facilitating the large-scale integration of intermittent renewable energy technologies. The project will include engagement with non-academic partners with experience and expertise in ES technologies, and their regulation, to address the need.

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R&D Project

R&D activities are directed at the further study, analysis or development of storage and/or storage-related technologies and their operation and deployment in Canada. They are typically supported by an Initiative, and are often hosted at an academic institution.

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