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Renewable Energy Storage Laboratory at Dalhousie

 The RESL team conducts research on energy storage technologies to support the increased integration of renewable energy with the electricity grid. The demands placed on the electricity grid by the principal sectors (residential, commercial, industrial) vary throughout the day. Renewable resources such as the wind, sun, and tides vary independently of demand, and consequently require energy storage to bridge the gap periods.

The principal objective of the team is the development of reliable, efficient, and effective electricity storage systems. Current areas of focus include experimental battery systems, bi-directional charger/inverters, as well as models and simulation of renewable generators and buildings.

The RESL team is composed of post-graduate students with degrees in engineering. Each has independent projects and is providing unique perspectives and results. In addition, a number of research assistants, students, visitors, and associates are often involved in projects. The laboratory is supervised by Dr. Lukas G. Swan, PEng, an energy storage engineer with 20 years experience.

Laboratory technical details: 

  • +-125 kW
  • Up to 300 kWh
  • Various battery chemistries
  • Grid interactive
  • 0-800 VDC


Project Relationships

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R&D Project

R&D activities are directed at the further study, analysis or development of storage and/or storage-related technologies and their operation and deployment in Canada. They are typically supported by an Initiative, and are often hosted at an academic institution.

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